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Intermediate Level, Fundamental Project Management Essentials

Two Day (16 hours) Boot Camp

Course Outline: In this course, students will learn more advanced Project Management Concepts such as work breakdown structure, network diagram and Gantt Charts. The students will be utilizing a real case study to plan the work by creating a more detailed road map to implement the plan and monitor and control the work for the successful completion of the project. Students will also be able to create an aggressive but realistic schedule and budget and will be exposed to learning to minimize risks to the successful completion of the project using advanced risk management concepts.

Duration of the course: Two Days (16 hours)

Employee Benefit: Attendees will be able to enhance their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness by focusing on state-of-the-art project management knowledge areas such as time management, communication management, risk management, cost management, and procurement management to name a few. Overall, they will be able to successfully:


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